Artist Statement

“My artwork comes from dreams and experiences, from dark places and moments of light. It is filled with passion, rage, violation, sadness, compassion and joy. Most recently my artwork gushes out of me in a variety of media — from pastels to etchings to conceptual art and assemblages. Each medium and its process are evocative of the mood of the artwork. Chalk pastels reflect the physical energy of creation — from staccatoed-frenzy to soft, soothing strokes. The exacting nature of my serigraphs and etchings allow for a precise articulation of expression. The assemblages are a result of both destruction and building, giving a visual voice to things that remain unspeakable. My artwork, like each of our lives, spans the breadth of emotions — the darkness to the beauty — that we live and experience each moment. It is not always pretty, but it is real.”

— V. Torf 2004

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